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Dedicated Remodeling Service Provider

At EA Contractors LLC, dedication to remodeling extends beyond simple services; it’s a commitment led by Erin Allen. Born and raised in Fowlerville, MI, Allen not only owns the company but also serves as the guiding force behind every project. With over 20 years of experience, a commitment to excellence, a hard-working spirit, and meticulous attention to detail are hallmarks of my approach. These qualities inspire exceeding client expectations. From the initial call through to the final touches of each job, involvement is deep, ensuring comprehensive attention to every project. A hands-on approach is maintained, focusing on one project at a time to guarantee precise fulfillment of client needs.

Deep roots in Fowlerville, MI, and a love for the community shape operations in Livingston County. Raised in the area, my commitment to supporting local businesses influences the choice of materials and supplies. A belief in the power of community and the positive impact of keeping business local benefits clients and strengthens community ties.




Our unique position in the industry comes from this blend of personal investment and professional expertise. Unlike our competitors, our approach is holistic, focusing not just on the technical aspects of remodeling but on the emotional and communal impact of our work. Erin’s dedication to quality, combined with his care for the community and meticulous attention to detail, sets us apart, making EA Contractors LLC the go-to choice for those looking to transform their homes. We are proud to offer a range of services, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and LVT flooring, all tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

At EA Contractors LLC, we don’t just build and remodel; we create spaces that resonate with the warmth and love of the community we’re proud to serve. Get in touch with us today to start your project with a team that truly cares.

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My Full Range of Services

Kitchen Remodeling

Transform your kitchen into the dream space you've always wanted with my bespoke kitchen remodeling services. From sleek backsplashes and durable countertops to custom lighting and cabinet installations, I'm here to guide you through every step. As a licensed local builder, I make sure every detail mirrors your personal style and improves functionality. Start with a free estimate today!

Bathroom Remodeling

Elevate your bathroom with my lavish bathroom remodeling services. Whether it involves installing modern vanities, stylish cabinets, efficient lighting, or luxurious fixtures, I offer expert advice and support throughout the process. Guaranteeing a seamless remodel, I, as a licensed and insured professional, ensure every step is handled with care. Start your bathroom transformation with a free estimate today.

LVT Flooring

Discover the beauty and durability of modern LVT flooring with my specialized installation services. LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, mimics the elegant look of natural materials such as stone, marble, and wood, while offering the benefits of affordability, scratch resistance, and waterproof qualities. Begin your flooring project with a free estimate and enjoy a stylish, resilient solution customized to your preferences.